card background shibam

Shibam Dhar


A Web Tech freak always enthusiastic to learn more and explore different technologies and domains. A hard worker and a self learner, who's goal is to pour out 100% from skills and be a valuable asset. Always fascinated by communities and ready to contribute to it.

card background monu-tanwar

Monu Tanwar

Faculty sponsor

Monu Tanwar is an HOD of IT branch at KCCITM and the Faculty Sponsor of ACM-KCCITM. She is known for her skills regarding computer system security (CSS). She had worked in many organizations and glad to have her in KCCITM.

card background Khateeb

Khateeb Anwer

Vice Chair Person

He is a fullstack developer and an IOT enthusiast. He do like tinkering with development boards and making them a part of something bigger.He is also an avid reader so you can contact me drop some reading recommendations too.

card background adnan

Adnan Karim


Adnan is an Android Developers and worked with various projects involving nativ android/flutter libraries. He is also at the position of Technical Coordinator at DSC KCCITM.

card background rishabh

Rishabh Gupta

Membership Chairperson

Rishabh is a experienced Back-end and voice app devloper and loves to explore new tech advancements . He's an open source & machine learning enthusiast who's always willing to learn new things.

card background Shreya

Shreya Gupta

Web Master

Front End Developer who specialize in website designing. Front end Developer duties include determining the structure and design of web pages, striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design.

card background naman

Naman Mehrotra


An ambitious and fun enthusiast. He thrive on challenging himself everyday to develop hisareas of interest in the field of Java. he love interacting with strangers and always try to befriend them with common interests of Android Development.

card background Loveneesh

Lovneesh Dhir

EX-ChairPerson & Mentor

Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiast, programmer and a passionate learner who's always willing to learn and work across technologies and domains. He loves to explore new technologies and leverage them to solve real-life problems.

card background jitender

Jitender Kumar

SuperSenior & Mentor

ML guy always used to do projects and his friends say he is coding geek also. Earned many certification and have published many articles in geeksforgeeks. Also got chance to serve IMD Delhi. Glad to in finals of Intel Hackfury2.